Balancing Work Life for Business Travelers

by Intelligent Travel

There should always be balance in everyone’s work life. Anything in excess is unhealthy. This life’s perception also applies to every business traveler. As much as it is important to focus on sealing major deals, getting better opportunities and gaining higher revenues for your company when you travel, it is also essential to give priority in giving time for yourself and maintaining a sound mental and physical health, thus alleviating travel-related stress.

For this week’s round-up, check out the video on Travel Stress Index which shows various instances during travel that can cause stress, which may also result to increase costs. Also, a study showed that majority of global business travelers knows the importance of having a balanced work life. Read on the tips in how to manage stress during business travel. Meanwhile, various business travelers named 13 inspiring business travel destinations. Cited in the article, business travelers not only go to countries that have better business opportunities, but several factors are considered including the beauty, history, culture of the place and the attitude of the people.


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